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  1. Patient management– When you implement the software, patient management becomes easier. This feature of the system will enable the medical staff to keep account of the number of in-patients, and out-patients, and the number of beds available. Patient registrations and admissions can also be efficiently managed. Appointment scheduling, consultation and diagnosis and other such records can be maintained accurately.
  2. Doctor records- Reaya management system can be very helpful to doctors. The physicians will be able to access the data of patient appointments easily. Furthermore, when different doctors work on a single case, all the records and diagnostic reports can be shared so that other doctors can access the data and determine their course of treatment accordingly. Medical tests and report status can be easily accessed and so on.
  3. Administration management- The administrative management module covers many different aspects. like User Management,  Assign user to function, Specialty Management, Physician Management,Hospital structure management (Buildings- floors- Clinics – ward- outpatient clinic), Inpatient accommodation degrees.

The system consists of the following sections :

  1. Outpatient Reservation with Queuing, which consists of :
    • Secure login and logout
    • Give permissions and password to each employee
    • Patient Registration Details
    • you can find patients easily by parts of their name, ID or demographics. You can type part of the name or ID to identify the patient.
    • patient can book an appointment by phone ,online and personally
    • Enter the patient's visits such as a disclosure, consultation or medical procedure
    • Appointment Scheduling (Patient/Doctor wise)
    • You can change appointments between days and between calendars
    • You can choose the level of zoom in which you visualize the calendar by switching between day, week and month views. The color and icon of the appointments can be change by changing the assigned category
    • Print reservations and daily visits for doctors
    • patient receive printed paper with clinic name and his order number and waiting time
    • view clinic name and patient number on a screen in the waiting area with voice alert to call his number and clinic with the ability to view different clinics in different areas
    • doctor submit when he ends with his patient and the software automatically calls the next patient
    • Follow up visit scheduling
    • Doctor's Schedule Summary
    • Doctors Daily Schedule List
    • The possibility of integration with all types of medical devices to save images and videos from other devices such as (MRI, CT, X-ray, gamma camera, ultrasound, mammography , Heart, brain, muscle, eye, etc.)
    • electronic prescription as doctor can add medicines automatically, where the program has a database of all medicines
    • Patient Visit and Medical History
    • Out Patient Reports (Doctor Consultation, Scheduled Appointments, Patient Waiting Time, Statistic Reports)
    • Follow-up of patients' accounts, reservations, revenues and expenses, and print reports of profits, losses and net income of the clinic.
  2. Inpatient Section :
    • The structure of wards, rooms and beds can be customized by the hospital, and visualized in friendly layout.
    • All inpatient views can be scheduled by date, ward, assigned medic or bed status.
    • Inpatient admission.
    • Inpatient discharge.
    • Inpatient transfer.
    • Electronic room’s tag for inpatient ward.
    • Real-time notification (The system support real-time notification for inpatient “Admission, discharge and transfer” for the concerned parties and view it on touch screens with the ability to search by patient name).
    • The configuration of the wards, rooms and bed is customizable for you hospital. You can define in fine detail, and even specify the room type, for males or females.
    • The possibility of integration with all types of medical devices to save images and videos from other devices such as (MRI, CT, X-ray, gamma camera, ultrasound, mammography , Heart, brain, muscle, eye, etc.)les.

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